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About the Company


CFL Realty is a full service brokerage that specializes in listing properties for a fast sale at the highest possible price. We are also an investor friendly brokerage helping to source high margin deals for real estate investors. Let us help you profit from Central Florida's booming real estate market. Put our experience to the test.  

About the Process


We build relationships and those relationships help to build our business. A full service approach of education, analysis and professional advice built on years of experience is what we bring to everyone we work with. We use the most modern technologies to provide a flawless transaction were the client is always in full control. 

About the Team


Are team of agents and professional service providers create a deep network of knowledge. Providing our clients with every service that's required to buy, sell or invest in real estate is the goal. Title professionals, contractors, lenders, property managers, and lawyers work hand in hand with our agents to provide local market expertise. 

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